The Biography: Interview with Parke Puterbaugh [Indy Week]

You started the book with four vignettes marking different eras of the band. If you had to add a fifth one from the reunion this year, what do you think that would be?

Probably the Hampton stand [the band’s three-night comeback run in March] or Festival 8 [their Halloween festival in California]. Just being there at Hampton and seeing them come out and launch into “Fluff’s Travels” and just give an amazing reading of this difficult piece of music, basically throwing down the gauntlet and saying, “We’re back, and look how nimbly we can execute this stuff now.” That was just a great moment. The roar of the crowd, and the band had their families on stage in the wings—it was just a very touching experience. I’d probably go with Hampton, although Festival 8 was another high point. To see them do Exile on Main Street, to be near the front and just watch them kill that record, a double album, making it look easy and having the backup singers and horn section. There are times like that where I look at Phish and just marvel at what they’re capable of.

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