The Phones (Members of Phish & The Jones): 12/08/1986 UNCIRCULATED S. Burlington, VT

Though this wasn’t a Phish show, it is likely the first time members of Phish performed publicly on New Year’s Eve. A booking company telephoned The Joneses on New Year’s Eve and asked them if they could play a last-minute show.Apparently not all members of the band were in town so they added Trey and Page and played the show as a combination of the two bands, called “The Phones.” The lineup included Trey on guitar, Page on keys, Steve Drebber on drums, Dan Pine on drums, Tim “T.J.” Johnston on bass, and Mark Jensen on percussion. Sound was engineered by Garrett Mead. While a setlist is not available, it is known that the show included Eyes of the World, Grapevine (I Heard it Through the…), and a Bachman-Turner Overdrive song. While most “sideshows” are listed in a separate chapter, this show is also listed here for its historical significance.

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