Trey Anastasio: Trey Anastasio Added to Bear Creek Lineup [Hidden Track]

We spoke with Bear Creek organizer Paul Levine about booking TAB and he mentioned how much this addition meant to him. “Personally, I am head over heels excited to have The Trey Anastasio Band at Bear Creek. Trey is obviously considered by many to be the best and most emotionally expressive guitar player in the world. We are honored to welcome TAB to Bear Creek, Levine said.” Levine went on to explain, “I am a huge Phish and Trey fan. I saw Phish for the first time at Haverford College in a cafeteria in 1990, I believe, while I was at Lehigh University. Since 2000, I have probably seen Phish 40-50 times. I was at Coventry and at Madison Square Garden for New Year’s this year. I saw the famous ‘Meatstick’ in New York and it was probably the most joyful thing I’ve ever seen a band do.”

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