Trey and Page: Phil and Phriends – 04/15/1999 Viola Lee, Big RxR Blues, Row Jimmy, Shakedown Street, The Wheel, Not Fade Away, Mr. Tambourine Man [VQ: B+, AQ: B+]


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  1. I had a look at hope you rmeeebmr as i mentioned in my earlier post about having an internal government blogs to update the day by day status to people of karnataka.Here in ourministers it has only the profile over which people of karnataka cannot raise there concerns to any ministers also any of the ministers wont be able to give any updates so far happened which is a major disadvantage,without which website doesnt make sense to me.

  2. Dear Salida Citizen,As a frequent voistir to the Salida area, I’m somewhat appalled with the ease of Nestle’s move into the upper Arkansas Valley. One would have thought that your county commissioners would have staunchly opposed a corporation replete with a history of exploitation and destruction into other geographical areas with a similar pristine beauty. But, just like water making its way downstream they’ve opted for the path of least resistance.In this battle your county commissioners have mistakenly identified what the new “green” movement truly represents. Sustainability isn’t some fly by night issue. This is about our children’s, children’s future. I’m heartened to see your documentary from the Tapped premier. You’ve captured the essence of why people are drawn to live in such a beautiful place and the responsibility they feel charged with in managing the local resources and environment. This cause is far to important to stop the fight now. Perhaps a well organized boycott of local businesses seeking to profit from Nestle’s move into the valley would drive home the ultimate point. In order to sustain our world, we must steward it wisely.Many thanks for all the hard work you’ve devoted to this cause.Eli

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