Trey Tour: The B List – What Should Trey Play? [Hidden Track]

First Time Played: 05-04-2005 Ovens Auditorium – Charlotte, NC
Last Time Played: 08-06-2005 Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY
Number Of Times Played: 8

This is just a case of bad timing. Of all the bands Trey should have played Sledgehammer with, the touring lineup of 70-Volt Parade in May of 2005 was not the ideal choice. The man had been touring with a horn section for years and his first major solo tour without horns is when he chooses to debut this Peter Gabriel party tune. The band would play it a couple times that spring, it sounded OK. Trey made one attempt at bringing the cover back that summer when Christina Durfee and Jennifer Hartswick had joined the band, but at the time they were supplying vocals only and no horns. That one performance that Summer was terrible, and he knew it and the song disappeared forever. Now is the time to bring it back now that the horns are back and Trey truly has “kicked the habit”.

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