Watkins Glen: An Interview With Trey & Lars [Super Ball IX]

Trey: It felt great. And that brings me back to conversations with you and Russ and the band members a few weeks ago where I said I’d like to do that more, a lot more. And I know Mike and I talk about it a lot. I think everybody would. I loved intermingling the art and us onstage. And I would encourage more of that. I mean, you know, this year at New Year’s Eve we did this Meatstick thing with the dancers. But actually I know there’s one Super Ball idea which I won’t give away, but to some degree, the stage is going to be intimately linked with the festival grounds.

Lars: Yeah.

Trey: Which I think is incredibly exciting and cool.

So, Big Cypress was great. Nothing is ever going to match it, I mean, until the next amazing thing happens, I could describe looking out at these people, this audience that I’ve been staring at for 26 years or something in darkness, right, every night. And people are dancing and they’re delirious and they’ve been up all night. And the sun is starting to come up, oh my god – that was just the most bizarre thing because the sky was all pink.. But it was really just the looks on people’s faces, like when suddenly God started to turn on the lights at the end of the party. Oh man.

Lars: Wow, that’s a bittersweet thing.

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