Watkins Glen: Thank You For Being A Phriend [OPT]

Thank you to the fans in general.  I never felt better about Phish nation.  It was the best combination of old and new energies, each equally enthusiastic.  There were less annoying signs and incessant talkers than I’ve seen in a while (aside from the gent in the “Molly is a Slut” shirt that kept wanting to show me a picture of his friend’s languedoc and seemed genuinely perplexed when I chose to concentrate on the ASIHTOS jam instead of him).  Most people were tapped into the music, thrilled to be there and generous to those around them.  Even before the secret set, when people were antsy and easily could have gotten out of control, everyone was chill.  Maybe getting older isn’t such a bad thing.

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  2. Our pastor, Rev. Strickhausen, spoke a ltitle about our Ecuador mission this past Sunday. He was very touched by the perfect music you chose and he incorported the words of With My Own Two Hands into his sermon. Your work is blessing so many, Kate. Just wanted to share that with you. May God continue to bless you and those who view your work.

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