• Trey Anastasio sat in at new songwriting partner Amanda Green’s event at Birdland in NYC last night http://j.mp/9bwEgb #phish #
  • @phish is selling the remaining stock of Summer Tour Posters http://drygoods.phish.com/Dept.aspx?cp=773_6266 #phish #
  • Our Pal BGentz alerts us that the MTA has stopped bus service from Freeport to Jones Beach for concerts http://j.mp/c5Rx1p Yikes! #phish #
  • @MrChrisP But yes, Big Cypress is the closest we’ve ever come to a 1/1 show as of yet #phish #
  • @MrChrisP The “Millenium Set” started before Midnight, so by that logic you could call any third set at aNew Year’s Shows a 1/1 show #
  • Looking at dates in which Phish has never played a gig and January 1st sticks out like a sore thumb. So many NYE gigs, no 1/1 gigs #phish #

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