• Weird that the press release went out before the dates went live on Phish.com #
  • A look at all the venues on this tour http://j.mp/bSxfOq #phish #
  • Phish Fall Tour Officially Announced http://j.mp/bSxfOq #phish #
  • @TweeterReprise Slippery When Wet, natch… #
  • No surprise, but #Phish isn't listed on C3's list of Official Austin City Limits aftershows http://www.c3concerts.com/acl-2010-aftershows/ #
  • Gothamist: State Park Police Will Charge Jumping Phish Fan http://bit.ly/cAi5xP #phish [via @ohkeepahblog] #
  • @drewphish @jraras BIG fan of the Mullins Gin. Wouldn't mind the return of Keyboard Kalvary (and Acoustic Army) #
  • Likely #phish New Year's Eve venue makes #10 on Hidden Track's List of Best NYC Music Venues http://j.mp/b7PXFE #
  • Imagine if Live Bait Vol. 2 came from Leg2 Soundchecks? TRide Cities, Alpine Dog Logs, Jimmy Cliff/David Essex @ JB #wouldneverhappen #phish #
  • We'd like to join the Phish Twitterati in wishing @cdirksen a very happy birthday. Thanks for the help with our guidelines! #
  • @whitperson Can't imagine anyone wants 2 see Zero go away more than me, but it varies way more from version to version than DSky (since '92) #
  • @YEMblog loves Divided Sky but doesn't need to hear it often. We look forward to hearing a recording of the proceedings. #SKYGATE2010 #

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