• Congrats to @phortin for winning our Bobblehead Giveaway this leg. "Like" us on Facebook to enter next tour http://www.facebook.com/yemblog #
  • I really need to work on that affecting vs. effecting thing #
  • Thanks for the kind words @ohkeepahblog @CashorTrade @originalwyllys @TweeterReprise @concertconfess @guylindvall @li_nick @jiggslikesphish #
  • @aaronjhawley And let's not forget I'm the dude standing there shooting out texts, I just think it's a worthwhile read #
  • @aaronjhawley I don't disagree, I do think there is something to be said for the energy reflected from the crowd effecting the show #
  • PT Thread of the Week: Phoompapa Details Why Paying Attention Is So Important at Phish Shows http://bit.ly/9WCgkw #phish #
  • @MountainLaura My co-workers wouldn't understand at all. Maybe one day when I get a Hidden Track/YEMblog office and can ditch the 9-5 #

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