• On a subway 1 mile from ground 0. Most surreal site when I walked up those steps Crazy chain of events over following 12 hours #wherewereyou #
  • Leave a comment on that post after you've scored or don't score to let us know how you did #
  • Here's a handy guide to today's onsales http://www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/phish-fall-tour-tickets-saturday-onsales/ #phish #
  • @Poster_Nutbag Here's Mike Greenhaus's article on the Indie-Jam connection http://j.mp/aT4AkA #
  • Too bad WNYC didn't have Mike Greenhaus on for this "My Secret Jam Band Life" pcast http://j.mp/aJtKRP He wrote about this topic a year ago #
  • Today on YEMblog: Video of ALL of 11/19/96, New Source of 7/23/99, Cal Roach on Alpine2 and more http://yemblog.com #phish #
  • RT @superhella 127 Hours script references Phish quite often as well including a scene or two where he explicitly is "singing a Phish song" #
  • From Utica Observer Dispatch: http://j.mp/bxxbwq Phish Concert Sells Out in 18 Minutes #phish #
  • Love that James Franco sports a Fall '00 Phish t-shirt in Danny Boyle's Aron Rolston flick 127 Hours http://j.mp/9iwLHW #phish #
  • @cdirksen Oh man, I smell a B List. Phish modulations would be a great topic for a list. One of the hallmarks of Summer '97 #
  • Nope, great call. Love when they modulate from the regular D-A-G progression to B-A-G So good! RT: @cdirksen Anyone mention 8/10/97? #

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