• I know lots of people bag on the Kid Rock appearance, but in watching the video the energy is off the charts http://youtu.be/gF1MoYp0Yio #
  • ZZYZX list of the best & worst Phish guests http://tinyurl.com/2au6z6p Been working on list w/ same topic for weeks, very different luckily #
  • @dogoneblog Ha! Too bad he wasn't born on the 29th, 'cause those are the money shows #
  • I think Kyle Gass (Tenacious D/Trainwreck) is confused when he says he opened for Phish http://j.mp/92O6HD Think he means Vida Blue #
  • A look at Trey's birthday shows http://j.mp/9gU9HO Happy Birthday Big Red #phish #trey #

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