• For me it was the moment the Giant Country Horns came out during the beginning of Suzy G. #04151994 #phish #
  • Since we'll be in ACL mode tomorrow, let's have our Friday discussion today. What was your favorite moment of your first show? #phish #
  • Hey all – Mike from Austin here. I'll be giving you the play-by-play at ACL Fest. My bust out pick (obvious, but still) is La Grange. #
  • Testing…tacos…. #
  • Win Phish's Coral Sky 2-DVD set by Picking 5 Songs Phish will play at ACL. Leave picks at http://facebook.com/yemblog or http://j.mp/avLiXd #
  • @PBRandPBJ Absolutely, we always have the guests set up to tweet via SMS in case data is an issue #
  • We'll do our best to keep the commentary coming as long as the reception cooperates #
  • Programming Note: Guest Tweeters For First Three = Mike Hanley @tourphish from ACL, Tanya @FractalGal from benefit & ZZYZX from Broomfield1 #
  • The guys from CashOrTrade.org lay out their vision of "what is fair" http://cashortrade.org/what-is-fair/ #phish #
  • @joshkorin No news to share about MSG presales as of yet #
  • Put together a supergroup with Mike on bass for a chance to win one of three incredible Mike Gordon prize packages http://j.mp/cYDXJH #phish #
  • For our Gearhead Followers and @Soundcaresser – Engineer Brought Midas XL8 on Summer Tour for Phish http://j.mp/bTMPA0 #phish [via B-Bryan] #

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