• Good article about ACL production – including Phish content: http://bit.ly/coJjD7 #
  • Depending on how awesome ATT is at Zilker Park, I will try to stream some the ACL experience to you all at: http://ustre.am/5bYi #
  • Approx. distance from my house to the venue: 2 miles. Unless, of course, they burned that bridge I have to cross to get there. #hardyhar #
  • Morning everyone! Here's a webcast link to ACL, although it will not contain any cow funk: http://www.aclfestival.com/webcast/ #phish #
  • Video of the ACL Soundcheck (Burn That Bridge) via @Jimma42 http://bit.ly/9tNU75 #phish #
  • Phish @ ACL Soundcheck: Burn That Bridge x3 [via @taboot] #phish #
  • Tweeters include @ericwyman @CGlush @zzyzx @TourTweet @fractalgal @DaveOatHT @Curtis_ILM @jraras @AdamEdelman @HeyScottyB and Scott Marks #
  • Here's the schedule and current guidelines for our Guest Tweeter program this fall http://j.mp/bS2e9W #phish #
  • Just realized today is the 16th Anniversary of my 2nd show – 10/07/94 – aka the night I found out every show wasn't mindblowing ;) #phish #
  • Ha, that's great! RT @brianfeller "2nd song 1st set YEM 4/16/91. Ceiling was so short they had to jump on the tramps hunched over" #
  • A+ RESPONSE! RT: @himjphish "First Phish show gave me hope that if I just made it out of high school, the world was full of people like me." #
  • How much Phish had you heard by the time you saw your first show? I was pretty familiar w/ Lawn Boy, Junta and Rift. Had maybe 3 or 4 tapes #
  • Great responses to the first show question! You can check 'em out here http://twitter.com/#search?q=%40yemblog #

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