• @fractalgal Haven't checked out the Tweezer yet – guess I know what I'm listening to on the way to work tomorrow #
  • What has been your favorite part of the shows thus far? For me – Rocky Mountain Way, Ghost and the Carini jam #phish #
  • @dogoneblog Figured that was your handiwork #
  • Stellar review of last night's show from Pauly @CoventryMusic http://j.mp/9Vw7Zi Great point RE: Nostalgia vs. New Songs #phish #
  • Halloween Tradition Continues – Confirmed RT: @dogoneblog LA Times Trey Interview discusses Halloween http://fb.me/JJzuk0sL #phish #
  • Video Playlist From 10/12: D Sky, Timber, 46 Days, Bowie, Light, Free, Split, Meatstick http://bit.ly/bNnSeM #phish #VQA- #AQB #
  • Check out the debut of Dean Budnick's new blog, Doctor's Orders, and win a copy of Coral Sky http://bit.ly/bL4Z1T #phish #
  • Finally got a chance to listen to last night's TypeIIcast and all three panelists were very engaging http://bit.ly/bUdN9E Nice work, gents #
  • @phish If you guys are taking requests for videos from this tour, I'd love to see last night's Carini #

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