• testing…testing…this is @Curtis_ilm and I will be guest tweeting for the next 2 shows. thx to Scott for the opportunity again. #
  • Programming Note: @Curtis_ILM will be guest tweeting for us from both Charleston shows #
  • Check out this essay on the lyrics of Summer of '89 over @phishnet http://bit.ly/b3d56y #phish #
  • Come to Kenny's Castaways in NYC on Monday to experience "The Mossery" w/ Mike Gordon http://bit.ly/8ZZUwJ #phish #cactus #
  • Today on YEMblog: Amazing clip of Broomfield Split, What Things Seem vid, OPT on the CO run, Montbleau Sees Phish & more http://yemblog.com #
  • @tmwsiy @dogoneblog I love that Phish fans have such differing opinions on the same show. We all like different aspects of their music #
  • @indoor_gardener I had it on analog in college as well but never saw a digital copy. Been waiting 11 years for this #
  • A soundboard of one of my favorite shows just surfaced: 4/29/93 – http://bit.ly/9bsxE2 Here's 10 Reasons to D/L http://bit.ly/aHEB0x #phish #

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