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If you have Dunstan's Time Since installed, this plugin uses it for the title="" attributes on the comments and posts. (For WordPress 1.5) Author: Brian Meidell Author URI: http://meidell.dk/ Version 1.5: Now works without LOCK TABLE and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE priviledges. Version 1.5.1: Can't remember what I did here Version 1.5.2: Fixed count select statement to not include spammy comments Version 1.5.3: Properly excludes track- and pingbacks Version 1.5.4: Excludes posts that are not published, even if they have comments Version 1.5.5: Fade old comments, fixed bug that wreaked havoc with Time Since Version 1.5.6: Bugfix from Jonas Rabbe (http://www.jonas.rabbe.com/) pertaining to timesince Version 1.5.7: Bugfix so old colors can be darker than new colors (stupid oversight), thanks to http://spiri.dk for spotting it. Bugfix where single digit hex would cause invalid colors, thanks to http://www.wereldkeuken.be/ for the fix. Version 1.5.8: Updated to work with WordPress 2.1 alpha by M. Heilemann. */ function blc_latest_comments($num_posts = 5, $num_comments = 6, $hide_pingbacks_and_trackbacks = true, $prefix = "
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    • Those who are only tweeting from Saturday and/or Sunday please try to remind us to add you to list at the start of those days #
    • @ericwyman Getting bitch slapped by @cdirksen back in '94 was best-ever, now all you can hope for is an average-great bitch slap #
    • @hellyesbrandon I'm not looking to break that news, I hope to be surprised. I can't imagine the anticipation when 10/31/94 & 95 II started #
    • Any potential spoiler info will be marked as such until doors open RT: @hellyessbrandon @YEMblog Will you be posting spoilers? #
    • 33 Phish Fans Tweeting From Atlantic City – http://twitter.com/#!/YEMblog/phish-fans-tweeting-from-atlantic-city Let us know if you want on #
    • Because it makes the shows that much sweeter & more enjoyable RT @MountainLaura Why does everything blow up at work just b4 a phishcation? #
    • I hope you're right. Wouldn't want to see the artist leak this way RT: @BradDevero I think LZ is a possibility, but it could be misdirection #
    • @prescribed_ White House Subs is #1 on my Must-Eat-At List in Atlantic City. Are the lines as bad as people say? #
    • @melissa49 Safe travels! @alliedise You're on there! I'll add Chop as well. See you both down there #
    • If you missed the Tweet-up info like myself, here it is http://j.mp/cxCMV0 See you there @elisemcroberts ?? #phish #
    • We've got 15 fans on our AC list thus far: http://twitter.com/#!/list/YEMblog/phish-fans-tweeting-from-atlantic-city #phish #
    • Thanks @basher22 @ericwyman @soozygreenberg !!! #
    • @neddyo offers another heaping helping of Nedstalgia as he looks back at 10/31/95 http://bit.ly/cfuplO #phish #quadrophenia #
    • If you're like us and have given way too much thought to the album & not to the rest of the AC run, here's what's due http://bit.ly/9eubPM #
    • @dogoneblog Nice to see you guys read @YEMblog and the Hidden Track Facebook page over there ;) #
    • Test… Thnx! #
    • OK, done fluffing! Who's ready for THE PHISH FROM VERMONT! Any early predictions on the costume? Interwebz is abuzz with chatter of LZ PG… #
    • Check out my recent story on His Holiness the Dalai Lama: http://bit.ly/91GMTG #
    • A quick note to clarify – I am no longer with the WSJ/Dow Jones. I am at a new AWESOME start-up wire service called NewsCore. Check us out! #
    • Many thx to ScottyB for letting me do this again. Can't wait to feed you all the deetz tmrw night! -AdamE #
    • Programming Note: YEMblog Guest Tweeters For A/C 10/29 = Wall Street Journal scribe @AdamEdelman 10/30 = @jraras and 10/31 = Me, ScottyB #
    • Will you be tweeting for the Phish shows in Atlantic City? Let us know and we'll add you to the Twitter List #phish #
    • Best News of the Day: MKDevo was at Manchester. Check out his vid of After Midnight – http://youtu.be/nI6DQhKvAH8?hd=1 #phish #
    • Longtime Phish friend photographer Jeff Kravitz's dad, Pinky, wrote that Phish will cover Zeppelin http://bit.ly/9×9928 #phish #
    • Today on YEMblog: 10 Things Phish Fans Must Do in AC, MKDevo's 10/24 Vids, Amherst Reviews, OPT Tour Review & More http://yemblog.com #phish #
    • The AC Police Force Sent an Undercover Officer to Charleston "To See What We're Up Against" http://bit.ly/dlBli0 #phish #
    • Hidden Track is collecting final guesses as to which musical costume Phish will don on 10/31 http://bit.ly/cOuOII #phish #
    • Mike Gordon Tells Spinner This Halloween Has Potential to Be "Best One Yet" http://aol.it/d4RLbn #phish #

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