• @Marcissistic and @findable recommend Little Feat's Ultrasonic Studio Tapes from '73 and '74 http://bit.ly/9URU5F http://bit.ly/9QOLhc #
  • Page McConnell's first exposure to Little Feat came from this amazing boot http://bigozine2.com/roio/?p=563 #phish #wfc #
  • Great to meet @christy420 @ericwyman @obliviousfool @ericwyman @RunawayJimPVD @monbud @cdirksen and plenty of other twibe members in AC! #
  • Here's a pic of Fish's normal kit http://j.mp/alMUlN And 1 of the "Feat" kit http://j.mp/cYPP6g Most certainly smaller as @beaucolburn said #
  • Can any drummers out there explain what was different about Fish's kit for the Little Feat set? #phish #
  • Belated Friday Conversation: Which Waiting For Columbus Tune Will Make The Best Addition to the Phish's Repertoire? #phish #
  • ::faints:: RT: @drewphish Look forward to hearing Halfway to the Moon > Spanish Moon > Halfway to the Moon #
  • Our friends at @relixmag offer a detailed recap of the Waiting For Columbus set on Jambands.com http://j.mp/9Y4RRz #phish #
  • Today on YEMblog: Atlantic City Reviews, Audio, Videos and Much More http://yemblog.com #phish #
  • problem at helix to lincoln tunnel has been resolved but im sure there's residual delays #
  • smotth trip home until we hit some sort of accident outside of inbound lincoln tunnel. on the helix not moving. id take another option #
  • Can't wait to listen to the Little Feat set, over and over and over again #
  • Up and at 'em and ready to get back to New York City (I do believe I've had enough) Happy to get to an internet connection that works well #

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