• @shapsio You just blew my mind. I thought 12/1 was light years better than 12/2. Tough in 140 characters, but what were ur 12/2 highlights? #
  • Love that current LivePhish engineer Jon Altschiller recorded the Llama from Live Bait Vol. 3 nearly 19 years ago! #alwaysendupwhereustart #
  • Live Bait Vol. 3 Looks at Classic Worcester Shows Including Hour-Long Runaway Jim http://bit.ly/flf60Q #phish #
  • The folks at @shnfamily are now on Twitter. This fine group is responsible for the circulation of many outstanding Phish recordings #phish #
  • Previously Uncirculated Audio: 04/06/1991 Olympia, WA: Set I, Partial Set II http://bit.ly/gvWsET #phish #
  • RT: @typeIIcast: Episode 8: "Smothered and Covered" is now available for streaming and download. http://j.mp/gMMY3k #phish #covertunes #

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