Michael Heilemann.
If you have Dunstan's Time Since installed, this plugin uses it for the title="" attributes on the comments and posts. (For WordPress 1.5) Author: Brian Meidell Author URI: http://meidell.dk/ Version 1.5: Now works without LOCK TABLE and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE priviledges. Version 1.5.1: Can't remember what I did here Version 1.5.2: Fixed count select statement to not include spammy comments Version 1.5.3: Properly excludes track- and pingbacks Version 1.5.4: Excludes posts that are not published, even if they have comments Version 1.5.5: Fade old comments, fixed bug that wreaked havoc with Time Since Version 1.5.6: Bugfix from Jonas Rabbe (http://www.jonas.rabbe.com/) pertaining to timesince Version 1.5.7: Bugfix so old colors can be darker than new colors (stupid oversight), thanks to http://spiri.dk for spotting it. Bugfix where single digit hex would cause invalid colors, thanks to http://www.wereldkeuken.be/ for the fix. Version 1.5.8: Updated to work with WordPress 2.1 alpha by M. Heilemann. */ function blc_latest_comments($num_posts = 5, $num_comments = 6, $hide_pingbacks_and_trackbacks = true, $prefix = "
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  • ", $fade_old = true, $range_in_days = 10, $new_col = "#444444", $old_col = "#cccccc") { global $wpdb; function clamp($min, $max, $val) { return max($min,min($max,$val)); } $usetimesince = function_exists('time_since'); // Work nicely with Dunstan's Time Since plugin (adapted by Michael Heilemann) // This is compensating for the lack of subqueries in mysql 3.x // The approach used in previous versions needed the user to // have database lock and create tmp table priviledges. // This uses more queries and manual DISTINCT code, but it works with just select privs. if(!$hide_pingbacks_and_trackbacks) $ping = ""; else $ping = "AND comment_type<>'pingback' AND comment_type<>'trackback'"; $posts = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT comment_post_ID, post_title FROM ($wpdb->comments LEFT JOIN $wpdb->posts ON (comment_post_ID = ID)) WHERE comment_approved = '1' AND $wpdb->posts.post_status='publish' $ping ORDER BY comment_date DESC;"); $seen = array(); $num = 0; if($fade_old) { $max_time = $range_in_days * 24 * 60 * 60 ; $r_new = hexdec(substr($new_col, 1, 2)); $r_old = hexdec(substr($old_col, 1, 2)); //$r_min = min($min, $max); //$r_max = max($min, $max); $r_range = ($r_old-$r_new); $g_new = hexdec(substr($new_col, 3, 2)); $g_old = hexdec(substr($old_col, 3, 2)); //$g_min = min($min, $max); //$g_max = max($min, $max); $g_range = ($g_old-$g_new); $b_new = hexdec(substr($new_col, 5, 2)); $b_old = hexdec(substr($old_col, 5, 2)); //$b_min = min($min, $max); //$b_max = max($min, $max); $b_range = ($b_old-$b_new); } // print "ranges: $r_range, $g_range, $b_range
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    • @AGoot18 Glad to be of service. Enjoy the show! #
    • I think @MSGEconcerts just earned themselves a bunch of new followers. Thanks for the heads up, MSGE team. #
    • @hawkinbj There was a re-release. For 1/1. Got a few reports of folks who pulled tickets. #
    • Nice work, @IamHagel See you there! #
    • Good luck on the re-release folks! Hope we spread the word to those in need #
    • Bad news for NYE seekers, Looks like 1/1/11 RT: @msgeconcerts NYC: Re. 5pm ticket release hint (on Ticketmaster!)… One.One.One.One. #phish #
    • @Jwelsh8 Yeah, interesting that the @MSGEconcerts tweet says "show" and not "shows" Let's hope for Phish NYE! #
    • @jwelsh8 I'm just re-tweeting what @MSGEconcerts put out there. I'd assume through ticketmaster #
    • Forgot the @msgeconcerts part of that re-tweet #
    • Is this note for us? RT: we will be releasing a couple hundred tickets to a sold out MSG show of a 4:20-esque band at 5:00pm! Guesses? #
    • Billy K wants a new house, not the same old used one ;) RT: @EB_Jaybird I think Kreutzmann is trying to sell Furthur's house #
    • Believe the link in question http://bit.ly/gJKL0J is for a different band member's house. Not sure why it was thought to be Trey's #
    • FYI, there's been some links going around saying that Trey's VT house is for sale. His house sold in '09 http://bit.ly/ePVcLi w/o The Barn #
    • Looks like we have next week's discussion topic RT @neddyo @YEMblog usually the opposite for me #
    • For me, that's happened a few times, but 8/14/96 stands out most. LOVED it upon first re-listen and ever since but was underwhelmed at show #
    • Friday Discussion: Is there a particular show(s) that you weren't that into during the show but enjoyed much more upon re-listening? #phish #
    • And Of Course The Hidden Track Team: @glidemag @heyscottyb @JeremySGordon @J_Greenblatt @DaveOatHT @andykahn @Cberndtson @originalwyllys #ff #
    • Follow Friday Mixed Bag Edition: @hypervocal @jadedvet @dogoneblog @NickSwisher @phishnet @ericwyman @joshkorin @PhanArt @typeIIcast #ff #
    • Today on YEMblog: OPT's Weekend Download, Coral Sky Makes Best of List, 11/27/98 'paug Video and much more http://yemblog.com #phish #
    • Rare Audio: Mike w/ Vassar Clements et al SBD http://bit.ly/eZDxt3 Phish 2/4/91 (first time in circulation) http://bit.ly/eiFhrW #phish #
    • Ryan Adams wants to know about your favorite live or studio Phish album http://on.fb.me/gUb7jN #phish #
    • We R Everywhere: NBC's Community "I use to follow that band phish, spelled with a PH. I lived in parking lots" [via @UNOlker & @DaveOatHT] #

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