• @mrminer I just want the SBD copy of the Albany YEM (plus the rest of that transcendent set) out so bad, my choice is still 12/9/95 #
  • @mrminer It's a whole new ballgame if you bring November into the equation #
  • @robmitchum is about to start reviewing one of my favorite '93 shows & a show in my Top 5 Most Wanted From Live Phish: 4/14/93 – St. Louis #
  • Follow Friday: @OnlinePhishTour @GuyForgetOPT @dogoneblog @subtle_sounds @jiggslikesphish @dmarcello85 @peteforgets @originalwyllys #ff #
  • @dogoneblog Yes, seems that 12/6/97 is the people's choice for a LivePhish release. Mixed bag for '95 between 12/9, 12/2 (boo) and 12/29 #
  • @pkanter There's also torrent-less links to download the Victor Disc here as well as Sam from @dogoneblog's take http://bit.ly/gahe2h #
  • Today on YEMblog: Rare Video of 10/19/95, Uncirculated Audio From '89, Miner on Worcester Gems and Much More http://yemblog.com #phish #
  • 0619Sean Shares a Couple of Amazing Mike Band Vids: One Hand In My Pocket – http://bit.ly/hQpb3D Sailin' Shoes – http://bit.ly/guFTRk #phish #
  • Dear Mike, When you are going off on that bass, do you ever say to your self “Man, I’m going off?” http://bit.ly/hGXsie #phish #
  • My Answer: 12/95 = Albany, December 9th; 12/97 = Albany, December 12th (12/6 a close second) #
  • @scottvalins I'm saying to choose a show from December '95 as well as one from December '97 #
  • Friday Conversation: What one December '95 show would you release on LivePhish.com if you had that power? How about 12/97? #phish #

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