• @originalwyllys 7/2/94 II and enjoy the party! #
  • Actually, according to Duanebase, that It's Ice clip was from 8/11/93 #
  • Thanks Parker! #
  • Does anybody know where this clip of It's Ice was filmed? http://youtu.be/jY7HCrRc_7w #phish #
  • This marks our 10,000th tweet. Thanks to all those who have followed (approaching 5K!) guest tweeted, sent us a tip or read the site. #phish #
  • Another amazing Telluride clip. This time it's the Shine a Light http://youtu.be/ZaZyGWA0g2A?hd=1 #phish #
  • Paste 20 Best Live Acts of '10 includes Springsteen (he didn't tour or play much this year) & Spearhead but not Phish http://bit.ly/eKShoI #

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