• 15 Years Ago I decided to study for my LS101 Final at Skidmore instead of going to Binghampton for Phish. Big time trip to Regrettsville #
  • There's something about the way the truncated Curtains used to slam into the next song, laying ground work for epic sets #
  • Every time I mention Curtain as a bust out I get responses telling me they still play The Curtain. Am I the only 1 who wants a Curtain w/o? #
  • Today on YEMblog: Miner on December Dark Horses, DogGoneBlog Recommends 12/95 Sources, OPT Fall '97 Wrap & More http://yemblog.com #phish #
  • Where has this 10/19/95 Mike's been all my life? http://bit.ly/hYfHQA (10th – 12th videos in playlist) Funk + Percussion Overload #phish #
  • Phish on a List: 20 Bands That Inspire Tattoos Like No Other http://bit.ly/hoqhhb #phish #
  • ::faints:: RT @LSaxilla @YEMblog SPARKS!!! #
  • ME: Of the tunes performed at least 10x, I'm hoping for All Things Reconsidered & Izabella Rarities = Cinnamon Girl & Mock Song #phish #
  • Which of these tunes would you like to see Santas Trey/Mike/Page&Fish bust out this holiday run? #phish #
  • There aren't many songs Phish has played at least 10x that haven't been performed in 3.0. Here's a look at what's left: http://bit.ly/ggrImL #

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