• Sweet Jane RT @phortin: Pick a #phish song you've only heard twice… which do you want to hear for the 3rd time on the Holiday run? #
  • @manning422 An outfit called JamTV had a free webcast 8/1/98. I had ten friends over, fired up the ISDN, launched Netscape and Rambled On #
  • @d_seidman Are you familiar with 4/30/94? That one's got "good" and "fun" written all over it and is a SBD on the Spreadsheet I believe #
  • Anybody else watch the 8/1/98 & 9/30/00 webcasts back in the day? So glad I got to see 8/1/98 while it was happening if I couldn't be there #
  • Not sure, maybe @nugsnet will have answer RT @nick_rangel do we know what the rules are for public pay-per-view parties? #
  • Lots of parents in the same boat RT @zym999 with three kids, I'm down to local shows only, so I could see shelling out a couple $$ for show #
  • Ha! VERY happy for the West Coasters RT @ReverendJustito As the cry-baby west coast twat, Couch Tour is all I have #
  • While obviously we've all been dreamin' about PH PPV since the '90s, it will be interesting to see the actual effect if they do more in '11 #
  • ME: If I was planning on seeing 20 shows in '11, I would be content to do 15 live and stream 5 rather than spend the money and vacation days #
  • If Phish decides to stream all sold-out shows moving forward, would you ever pick couch tour over traveling to see Phish? #phish #
  • Phish MSG Pay-Per-View FAQ http://www.livephish.com/help.aspx#ppv_top #phish #
  • It took 30 seconds, literally RT @prescribed_ How soon till people start complaining about the price? #
  • Test Out Your Streaming Capabilities By Watching The Alpine Valley 2010 YEM -> Piper http://bit.ly/gr7Tkp #phish #
  • Phish Announces MSG Pay-Per-View Video Broadcasts http://bit.ly/fkeKtR [via Hidden Track] #phish #
  • DVD Files: 07/06/1997 Soundcheck in Italy http://bit.ly/ijRPLF @ The Trader's Den [registration req.] #phish #
  • Today on YEMblog: Rare Video From "Last Show" (10/7/00), AV 2010 DVD Reviews, Podcasts, December Jams & Much More http://yemblog.com #phish #
  • Uncirculated Audio: 02/03/1988 Partial AUD http://bit.ly/ex2Hii Includes Sympathy For The Devil Cover #

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