• @shapiro For real? You think the induction committee will consider The White Tape as the band's first record? #
  • @peteforgets The Dead DID announce the Road Trips Subscription a month ago, not sure why its a "news" story today http://bit.ly/hnUFha #
  • Today's Conversation: Do you think Phish will get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? If so, on first ballot in 2014? #phish #
  • @beaucolburn That means a lot, Beau. Thank you for the kind words :) #
  • @VelvetSeaWader Absolutely, Atara! Here's hoping for a spring tour with a stop at the Philips. #
  • Also, Check Out Our Facebook Page to Enter Our NYE Run Bustout Contest For A Chance To Win A Bob Weaver Bobble facebook.com/yemblog #phish #
  • FYI, Here's The Guidelines Which Have Been Provided to All Guest Tweeters http://on.fb.me/gi2QTb #
  • YEMblog NYE Run Guest Tweeter Roster: 12/27 @Dogoneblog 12/28 @ericwyman 12/30 Scott Marks 12/31 @heyscottyb (aka me) 1/1 @originalwyllys #
  • Randy Ray talks to ZZYZX about Phish New Year's Eve Shows http://bit.ly/e2fx3H #phish #
  • @ericwyman Shares Some Thoughts on December '95 at Hidden Track http://bit.ly/eAbOke #phish #
  • Nice work by Phantasy Tour admins in donating a $1,000 to the Mockingbird Foundation http://phish.net/story/xzbfi #phish #

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