• @WolfGuitar I'd guess that getting the band to approve old shows is a much harder/different process than getting 'em to approve recent shows #
  • @shapsio Will you be changing your title to "Legacy Manager," too? ;) RT: Good work david L. & co. on the @grateful_dead & @curiousSense#
  • Hidden Track has the scoop on what the August 2010 Kevorkian Remasters will be http://bit.ly/hpP129 #phish #greek'd #
  • Want to hear some highlights and discussion of 12/27 and 12/28 Worcester shows? http://bit.ly/dFkb7D @typeiicast has u covered #phish #
  • Oakland @treyanastasio pre-sale sold out as well [via @lumps] #phish #trey #
  • @treyanastasio sold-out presales thus far = Denver x2 and Los Angeles #phish #trey #
  • What did you think of the "real-time" ticket buying experience for Trey Tour? Do you think this system would work for Phish shows? #phish #
  • 1st @mike_gordon Winter Tour date surfaces http://bit.ly/hPR4yE Mike Gordon Band @ Humboldt State University on 3/6 [via @nycjamgal] #phish #
  • Kudos to the @phishnet team for this Phish Setlist Lookup extension for Chrome http://bit.ly/eVPlGu #phish #
  • @ICchris Correct. This is not a lottery. You will be able to actually purchase tickets at 10AM. At least that's my take on "real time" #
  • The "real-time" Trey pre-sale starts at 10AM EST (ie in 52 minutes) http://bit.ly/f3kijK Good luck! #trey #phish #

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