• Thxs for info! RT @jjustinschultz LaJolla is in SanDiego, probably where actual prod will take place. Wkshp will prob not be in a theatre. #
  • + @dogoneblog Where in New York is the La Jolla Playhouse? And thanks for the tweet credit. #
  • Want to try out for Hands on a Hard Body? Here's how… http://bit.ly/iahqSo I bet the JD Drew character is constantly hurt #trey #hoahb #
  • + @ohkeepahblog From what I can gather in 2 minutes of googling, the performers will perform in front of peers and industry folk, not public #
  • Clarification on Hands on a Hard Body tweet – The workshop runs 3/21 – 4/9 not the actual production #phish #trey #
  • Update on Hands on a Hard Body – the Trey/Amanda-written musical http://bit.ly/fcZETA Set to run 3/21 – 4/9 [Hat Tip – Spinner] #phish #
  • This week's Ambient Alarm Clock column by @dogoneblog picks up where our discussion of "first tapes" left off http://bit.ly/gR7TOE #phish #
  • Retweet for Workday Crew: NY Times blog profiles Phish reference-dropping fan Dan Greenhaus and his appearance on CNBC http://nyti.ms/eK8XB2 #
  • New 2 Circulation: New Source of 11/22/97 http://bit.ly/fZuP7E Elektra Live Demo 04/92 http://bit.ly/i7oBOQ Thanks to those involved! #phish #

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