• Still can't believe that happened. What a bustout!!! I plotzed RT: @TweeterReprise Still one of my favorites…Ghost –> Spooky at AC #
  • Today on YEMblog: Hug A Farmer coverage, Great Clip From The Greek, a New Lemonwheel source and more http://yemblog.com #phish #
  • @dogoneblog @ohkeepahblog Those siket songs are the segue gifts that keep on seguing #
  • I should be taken out back and shot for missing this one RT @alliedise Drowned > RnR 6.29.00 #
  • YES! LOVE that Trey vox-driven segue RT: @dogoneblog any wilson > peaches #
  • Lots of Impressive Segues in Phish History From Responses Received. I Smell a Great Future B List Topic For Thursday. Keep 'Em Coming! #
  • Great Calls: @jivanjames Maki > Night Nurse > Supa @poster_nutbug bowie>cities>bowie and Real Gin @GlowStickWars DWD -> What's The Use? #
  • That was off the top of my head. Sure I'm forgetting a bunch such as Ramble On -> Slave from Vernon Downs The House #
  • ME: 7/22/97 Disease > Mikes, 8/13/10 Meatstick > Mango, 12/7/97 Tube > Slave, 4/15/94 Wolfman's > Alumni (w. horns) 12/1/94 Makisupa > NICU #
  • Friday Conversation [as suggested by @ACDCbag] What are your favorite five segues in Phish history? #phish #
  • Details of Page McConnell and Jon Fishman of #phish at #vt farm benefit – http://bit.ly/gJfkfy [via @BrentHallenbeck] #
  • Page McConnell and Jon Fishman Hug A Farmer http://bit.ly/gtQI4C #phish #
  • RT @jivanjames Oh Darlin' & Lil Help From My Friends with #fish and Josh Panda on vocals. Spotlight on #vt musicians all night. #
  • RT @jivanjames Page&Fish also sat in on a killer Shakedown. Fish sat in good part of 2nd set. Whippin Post, Crossroads, Wagon Wheel #phish #
  • RT @jaycurley show was great, had a real Last Waltz vibe. Shakedown St. with Page and Fish and Whipping Post with Fish were some highlights. #
  • Hug Your Farmer Photo Gallery = http://bit.ly/fALH7W #
  • Ophelia, The Weight and Cripple Creek. Here's a few short clips http://bit.ly/ehLTlA Anyone in attendance? #fish #page #
  • Not too much info out there on last night's benefit. Covers included Up On
    Stuck in the Middle With You>Taxman, Superstition, [ctd.] #

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