• Found this article I wrote in 2009 listing 10 venues Phish should play http://j.mp/fGp7tb Two down, Eight to go #idontrememberwritingthis #
  • Dear blogspot.phish.jambandnews or whatever, try writing quality content instead of baiting folks to look at your list of fake tour dates #
  • Stash and Ghost have been outstanding lately RT @jakebeckman: Let's talk 3.0 jam vehicles, besides the always strong Light… #phish #
  • Phish archivist @shapsio will take part in a two-day event at Drexel U in Philly to talk archiving http://bit.ly/dTkeGX [via @phillyzeek] #
  • If in fact that prices listed on the Riverbend website weren't a mistake, would you be in favor of separate prices for lawn and pavilions? #
  • The Riverbend Date has been removed from the venue's website [via @phortin] #phish #
  • Just saw @dan_McKnight's tweet saying same thing, yes I do believe it would #
  • That would be Phish's first foray into tiered pricing, would it not? RT @phish83 $60 for pav, $45 for lawn? #phish #
  • Tickets on sale March 12, that's nearly a month away! #
  • First Phish Date Leaks = http://bit.ly/ffVggD = June 5 @ Riverbend Music Center #
  • Trey Week continues at HT with the Trey edition of Cover Wars http://bit.ly/e8EqHM Read the story behind TAB's Root Down cover & more #phish #
  • Today on YEMblog: Miner of 8 Ft. Florescent Tubes, OPT's Relentless Comm. on why he loves Phish + Guyutica videos http://yemblog.com #phish #

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