• Trey Week Continues @ Hidden Track w/ The Trey Edition of The Number Line http://bit.ly/fEhqqg Plenty of Trey-centric stats for y'all #phish #
  • Reminder via @daveoatHT that the Hartford Soundcheck is available for MP3 download http://bit.ly/eoPuBN #lamppost #spillthewine #
  • Check out Phish's exclusive Record Store Day release featuring two soundchecks on 7" vinyl http://on.fb.me/hNkAzt #phish #
  • Just in case you missed this story when we first reported it yesterday, here's more on @shapsio @ Drexel http://bit.ly/dY0DTX #phish #
  • @hawkinbj Every time PT goes down, "the street" says its for good and the site comes back hours or days later. #
  • @neddyo The Phish rarities spreadsheet has a 3-part acoustic compilation that lists most acoustic songs performed 2date http://bit.ly/f8imBb #
  • + @sbadok "tender as fuck" is an @originalwyllys saying. Speaking of which, Wyllys & NY Hustlers Trey post-show = http://fb.me/vyEbfhAD #
  • Lots of great suggestions for Trey Acoustic including Gone, Aftermath, Blue & Shiny, Reba (!) and Scents & Subtle Sounds #phish #
  • + @lastubbe Love those suggestions. Lifeboy would be tender as fuck and an acoustic Dog Log would be interesting #
  • Trey Tour starts in two days and features the return of the acoustic set. What Phish classics would you like to see Trey perform unplugged? #

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