• Aftermath really was quite the bust out http://bit.ly/i7abqH #trey #
  • I must say, I was dismissive when I heard about the summer remasters, but they do sound fan-fucking-tastic. Bring on the fall ones. #
  • Trey talks internet, Bug debuts as a TAB tune, Drunken Mayhem & a Crosseyed Tease. Trey Week B List looks at '99 http://bit.ly/hdd8gV #phish #
  • Phish will put out a batch of two LE remasters from Fall Tour on April 12th. 10/26 from Manchester and 10/30 from Atlantic City #phish #
  • Let us know if you'll be tweeting regularly (let's say at least three tweets a set) from any of the upcoming Trey Band shows. #phish #trey #
  • While we won't be doing guest tweeters from solo shows, we will point our followers in the direction of those doing so. As such… (ctd.) #
  • Great profile on Amanda Green http://bit.ly/easbvE "[she] never misses a chance to see his genre-busting jam band" #phish #
  • Coming into the Big Apple for the TAB show? After the show head to BB Kings for @originalwyllys w/ JHA, Chainsaw & more http://bit.ly/giHSj5 #
  • TAB bassist Tony Markelis talks about his history w/ the Albany Times Union http://bit.ly/fu7nJF [via @phanart] #trey #
  • Speaking of DogGoneBlog, not sure there's a better journalist out there to cover the topic of Trey's current rig http://bit.ly/fyMgxQ #phish #
  • Mike Gordon will release vinyl versions of Inside In and Moss Remixes on Record Store Day http://on.fb.me/faOE0b [via @dogoneblog] #cactus #
  • If any #justinbieber fans are looking to find out what this #phish band is all about, start here http://bit.ly/etkiI7 #
  • Hilarious! RT: @MikePhlood He'll be slangin' those heady 'bieberritos' #oneforthree #twoforfive #
  • Will we see Justin Bieber on #phish tour this summer? It's not as far fetched as you think http://bit.ly/epeMDX #wtf #
  • AM Reading: Miner's Five List http://bit.ly/ecUR3c DogGB's Top Jams http://bit.ly/i0xbQJ HT's Trey Stat Package http://bit.ly/fEhqqg #phish #

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