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    • Trey Anastasio Band in Pittsburgh = Setlist http://bit.ly/hwNcUL #phish #
    • Trey Pittsburgh E: Night Speaks, Valentine, Cayman, Alaska, Burlap, Jibboo, Goodbye Head, Mozambique, CEastwood, MLC #phish [via @cjyohe] #
    • Trey Pittsburgh Electric: Night Speaks, Valentine, Cayman, Alaska #phish [via @cjyohe] #
    • Thanks to @cjyohe and @rapp143 for providing setlist tweets tonight #phish #trey #
    • Trey Acoustic Pitt: Bdtnl, Gumbo, Farmhouse, Stealing Time, Horse>AM, Talk, Driver, Theme, DwD, HThings, LiqTime, Let Me Lie, ShowoLife Push #
    • keep tabs on the trey acoustic set by following @cjyohe #
    • Alrighty, off to see @LoandAaron / Last reminder: Keep TABs on tonight's Trey show by following @cjyohe and @rapp143 #
    • Follow Friday: @originalwyllys @daveoatht @ohkeepahblog @ericwyman @youenjoyme @J_Greenblatt @ryankeliher @drewphish @dogoneblog #ff #
    • Phish fans generally like the first album they heard best RT: @Man_Mulcahey @YEMblog and what's you're overall analysis of the results?? #
    • + @cjyohe 7 @rapp143 will b tweeting from #trey in Pittsburgh tonight, so checkout their feeds – not this one – for updates #phish #unvetted #
    • + @custeez You've listed great songs, but perhaps folks don't love the studio versions of those songs #suchasme #
    • 4th Place = 1994's Hoist (12%) 3rd Place = 1996's Billy Breathes (13%) 2nd Place = 1989's Junta (15%) 1st Place = 1993's Rift (27%) #phish #
    • 7th Place = 1990's Lawnboy (5%) 5th Place (tie) = 1992's Picture of Nectar and 1998's Story of the Ghost (8%) #phish #fridayconversation #
    • Sharing 8th Place with 4% each are 2000's Farmhouse and 2004's Undermind The band's four most recent albums took the bottom four spots #
    • Round Room got 3% btw #
    • In 11th place was Phish's most recent effort, Joy, garnering 2% of responses. Coming in 10th place was 2002's Round Room [to be continued] #
    • We received 113 responses to our Friday Conversation today about Favorite Phish Studio Album as of 2:45PM. Now we'll recap the results #
    • @ohkeepahblog My friends call that summer Brain Damage Tour 2000 #lostmymindjustacoupleoftimes #
    • That was in Columbus and let's never talk about that again ::still mad:: RT @ohkeepahblog when Phish teased the opening notes of Have Mercy #
    • It looks like @cjyohe and @rapp143 will be tweeting from #trey in Pittsburgh tonight, so check out their feeds for updates. #phish #
    • Got any questions for Phish bassist Mike Gordon? Tweet your questions @mike_gordon or send him a line at info@mike-gordon.com #cactus #
    • + @tmwsiy I should've qualified and kept Siket out of it, more meant the albums Phish went into the studio intending to make. #
    • For the tally, I'm just counting the first album mentioned #fyi #
    • It's fitting that for a fanbase that rarely achieves consensus on anything, every album but one has gotten at least a vote #
    • Most responses ever to a Friday Convo. You folks rule. I'll be tallying the results in a bit, but Rift has a huge lead #
    • For those who were at Terminal 5 on Tuesday for Trey, now you can actually hear what was played ;) http://bit.ly/tabT5 #livephish #tab #
    • Not that it was expertly produced or anything, but it was my first time hearing those tunes and I knew this was the band for me #
    • First PH album I owned. My first listen was truly a lifechanging event. I couldn't believe what I was hearing RT @andygadiel Lawn Boy #
    • Never at any point did you like them? Even when you started listening to the band? How Pitchforkian of you RT: @robmitchum None of the above #
    • ME: Believe it or not, I find myself listening to Undermind from time to time, while I never spin the other albums these days #phish #
    • Friday Discussion: What's Your Favorite Phish Studio Album? #
    • Today on YEMblog: Shine A Light acoustic video, FOB – Cincy '99, Weekend Downloads, Tour Anaylsis and much more http://yemblog.com #phish #
    • + @lyleismo Didn't realize you were on Twitter, Josh! Great work with the article. I'll be sure to follow, keep us posted on future pieces #
    • ZZYZX gets out his speculation lens to examine the wording of Phish's recent tour announcement http://bit.ly/dUlpgO #
    • + @ohkeepahblog Josh Fleet is an incredibly talented writer. You can check out his site, "The Jew in the Phish" at http://www.joshfleet.com #

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