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    • Look to @fractalgal for occasional updates from TAB's electric set in Denver #phish #trey #goodnight #
    • Trey straps on electric for full band Push On Til The Day #phish #tab #
    • Sample, MtsMist, Horse>AM, My Friend, Jim, Carini, Wilson, SaLight, Wading, Faulty Plan, Hey Ya #phish #trey via @benerickson922 @fractalgal #
    • Trey now unveils the first-ever horn-driven version of Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan #acoustic #tab #denver #
    • Wading In The Velvet Sea +Jennifer Hartswick +Natalie Cressman #
    • Sample, MtsMist, Horse>AM, My Friend, Jim, Carini, Wilson, Shine a Light, Wading #phish #trey [via @benerickson922 @fractalgal] #
    • Trey DenverN2 Acoustic: Sample, Mts In The Mist, Horse>Silent, My Friend, Runaway Jim, Carini #phish #trey [via @benerickson922 @fractalgal] #
    • Drummer @joeyrusso says he was "loved" playing with Trey and Mike in interview w/ official Dead.net writer, Blair Jackson http://j.mp/iaASQy #
    • An official recording of the TAB Pittsburgh Show is now available for purchase at LivePhish.com http://bit.ly/dJcAcG #trey #phish #
    • Follow @fractalgal for the occasional update from tonight's @treyanastasio show in Denver #trey #phish #
    • Tapers 1-419 rule. Thanks for sharing your recordings freely without trying to sell me t-shirts #
    • Responses to our What Should Trey Play ? include Moesha (@akeirans), Somantin (@GuyForgetOPT), Lifeboy (@dogoneblog), and FEFY (@jrapp1) #
    • Today on YEMblog: OPT previews Summer Tour, 2/18/97 Walfredo video, Acoustic Wedge clip, TAB Denver review & more http://yemblog.com #phish #
    • New Source: 03/01/1990 SBD http://bit.ly/ejGtIM Thanks to Terry Watts, Rob Sharron and Andrew Merckel #highlyrecommended #toads #phish #
    • Nothing yet, but if I see any I'll tweet links to 'em RT: @christy_420 @YEMblog I cant find any videos from last night yet…got any? #
    • We're down to the final three shows of @treyanastasio's TAB tour. What songs that haven't been performed yet would you like to see? #
    • And for any latecomers, after a few hours of debate we've got a confirmed setlist from last night's show http://bit.ly/faMyhj #trey #
    • Almost scared to ask, but will anybody be tweeting from tonight's TAB show in Denver? #phish #trey #
    • @phortin Happens even during 'net-era. Folks thought Phish played Iggy Pop's Search and Destroy at Gorge '03 for a day or two, t'was Armyo1 #
    • Encore: Words to Wanda, Magilla, Sultans of Swing #trey #tab #phish #denver #shitshow #
    • Set 2: Night Speaks, Acting Devil, Ooh Child, Ocelot, Burlap, Clint Eastwood, Last Tube, Alaska, Devil GA, Plasma, Tuesday, 1st Tube #phish #
    • S1: Frmhse, Wolfman, Circus, Timber, Theme, Tube, Gumbo, Wedge, Joy, BDTNL, Str Dsgn, L Boy, Let Me Lie, Hvy Thngs, Liq Time, Jibboo #trey #
    • I think we've got a winner. Thanks to @benerickson922 @bondosf @philrollins @hackettp and @fractalgal for helping to sort this out #
    • Jason Blevins of Reverb reviewed last night's #trey show and mentions a second set Sand http://bit.ly/eTWyMj #thisisgettingridiculous #
    • Look right? RT: @hackettp Set 2:Nite Spks, Act Devil, Ooh Child, Ocelot, Burlap, Eastd, Lst Tube, Alaska, DWDTG, Plasma, 2sday, 1st Tube #
    • @ericwyman Yes #
    • @philrollins So no Last Tube or was that earlier in the show? Is your recording going to be up soon? #
    • Oy Vey re: Ether Sunday RT: @hackettp That's a negative RT: @Inner_Chi It definitely was. Late 2nd set #
    • Can anyone who went to last night's show confirm whether Ether Sunday was performed? #phish #tab #
    • Yes indeed. Mike's band plays a version closer in tempo to the original http://bit.ly/eBdQR5 RT: @HarryHood41 Does Mike solo play Cities? #
    • I dig that tune and the undectet. I'll check that version out, thanks for the tip! RT: @ericwyman #np #trey 12-30-2006 Spin. File under good #
    • Was it a four-song encore or did they not play either Words to Wanda, Magilla or Sultans during the encore? RT: @fractalgal First Tube enc. #
    • Perhaps Words to Wanda, Magilla, Sultans for encore? @hackettp @bondosf and @CoventryMusic where does First Tube fit into setlist? #
    • @fractalgal What were your highlights from last night? Are you going again tonight? Thanks for tweeting! #
    • + @bondosf Was the encore Devil Went Down To Georgia, Magilla, Sultans of Swing? #trey #
    • That's great to hear. Glad Last Tube got dusted off RT: @bondosf Last Tube closes Set 2. 3 Song Encore. The last song being Sultans #trey #
    • TAB played Last Tube?!?! Now I'm really confused RT: @CoventryMusic Trey injected some serious Charlie sheen into this show w/ last tube #
    • Seems to be some discrepancies between @phishnet and @ohkeepahblog setlists from last night. Can anyone confirm which one is right? #
    • Trey Anastasio Band @ Denver, Night One – Setlist = http://bit.ly/fsf1Es #phish #tab #

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