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    • @cdirksen Not enough improv? You should check out the second set of a MMW show. Oh wait… ;) #
    • Thanks to @onlinephishtour for the link to the Bethel Phish Guide #
    • Bethel Woods has prepared a "Phish Guide" for attendees http://www.bethelwoodscenter.org/visit/phishguide.aspx Anyone else taking the bus? #
    • @tmwsiy From what I've heard those Denver shows are the best of the tour by a country mile #tab #trey #
    • Now Available For Purchase: Official Recording of TAB @ Ogden in Denver – Night Two http://bit.ly/hWV2yV [via @fractalgal] #phish #trey #
    • Follow Friday: @GuyForgetOPT @cdirksen @ericwyman @tmwsiy @originalwyllys @DaveOatHT @J_Greenblatt @drewphish @glidemag @digg_dugg @phanart #
    • How early did u get there to score those seats? RT: @DanMar85 2nd row @ Red Rocks. GA but still great seats for a great show! #phish #
    • I thought that place was gonna explode with Tweeprise2 started RT: @btenem Front Row Dead Center For Double Tweeprise in Hartford #
    • Lemme know what show u get front row for next, cause those 2 shows are amazing RT: @bisq1 I've been front row for 2 shows 8/14/97 & 7/25/99 #
    • 1st Row Lower Page, Not Too Shabby RT: @heyitsmejenni Here's my view on 10/15/10. http://twitgoo.com/20qn8m #yembconvo #
    • Seems like lots of folks have gotten amazing seats through PTBM at some point RT: @wolfguitar Front row center via mailorder for 11/21/95 #
    • Happens more than people know RT: @PBRandPBJ 6/6/09 Checked for rerelease on a whim and pulled a 5th row ticket 24 hours b4 show #yembconvo #
    • And what a tour it was ;) RT: @lastubbe first ever #ptbm 4th row 6/20/95, 2nd row 6/22/95 Would have requested more if not for #gd tour. #
    • Smokin Gumbo and She Caught The Katy, you must've been psyched! RT: @voopa 6th row pit 7/21/98! #yembconvo #
    • Still my favorite 3.0 show. Rich coulda been you! RT: @matthewday_ front row page side for Miami 12/30/09 #yembconvo #
    • What a first show. Still listen all time RT: @bankmeister Got pretty close for first show — 6/11/94 #yembconvo #
    • North Portland, OR Music School offers "Surrender to the Phlow – Vinyasa Yoga and Phish" classes http://bit.ly/fhNjgU #yoga #phish #crunchy #
    • Reminds me of how I "stole" Mike's parents seats at my first http://bit.ly/ikAREg RT: @ericwyman very first show. 12/29/92 row 3, dead cntr #
    • Gotta listen to that Birds this weekend RT: @robmitchum '00 Death Cloud has overshadowed the '99 storm. Too bad – it inspired a helluva BOAF #
    • @robmitchum Still can't believe they didn't bust something crazy after returning for set 1.5 after the columbus '00 storm #yembconvo #
    • I remember the '00 storm don't remember the weather in '99 RT: @RobMitchum 2nd row dead center for Columbus '99. I think there was a storm #
    • Still can't believe they played Gold Soundz RT: @kaufmak 4th row Mike side at Star Lake 7/21/99 #yembconvo #
    • I was near ya for that! What a great 2nd set RT: @bungle094 friend of mine (r.i.p.) got us 4th row MPP for the 9/17/00 show. #yembconvo #
    • One of the best tour openers ever! RT: @ohkeepahblog 12/2/99 10th row dead on with T$ #yembconvo #
    • Four shows? That's insane! RT: @Mitch35883 The pit from 07/01-07/04 from the lotto #yembconvo #
    • Quite a show for great seats! RT: @GuyForgetOPT PTBM hooked me up w/ 3rd row at Nassau on 2/28/03 #yembconvo #
    • @ahand That guy cut and pasted that list from three other blogs that posted 'em Most were debunked "Outlands" = shows it was cut & paste job #
    • Me: 3rd Row For Merriweather Post Pavilion on 8/8/98 #yembconvo #
    • Friday Conversation: What were the best seats you ever scored for a Phish show? #yembconvo #
    • Videos: Mike Gordon Band @ HOB San Diego Playlist http://bit.ly/hpxF2c Idea, Mound, Meat, Cities, Traveled Too Far and More #phish #cactus #
    • Interview: Mike Gordon talks Phish / Mike Gordon Band w/ Aspen Times http://bit.ly/f6GoKS #cactus #phish #
    • Final Onsale of the Day = Great Woods at 1PM. Hope everyone had success. #phish #
    • 12PM Onsales: Both Nights of PNC and Tour Closer at Portsmouth through Ticketmaster http://bit.ly/ggQCcl Good luck! #phish #
    • Hey @ticketfly thanks for the quick and painless ticket purchasing experience this morning #
    • latest batch of Live Phish remasters I meant to say #
    • This would likely be remastered by F. Kevorkian and explains why this show isn't in the latest batch RT: @jimstagnitti already out on MP3 #
    • Looks like Phish will release Live in Utica 2010 on CD and DVD in May http://bit.ly/g2I3uE #phish #utica #
    • Good luck with the 11AM onsales everybody! #phish #
    • I just worry about the traffic off the 2-lane highway on Friday @mikeGnyc #carpool #
    • There's a massive lot in front of the venue. Perfect 4 tailgaiting at GRAB RT: @mikeGnyc anyone have guide for bethel? Parking, tailgating? #
    • Lawn is huge, beautiful, great sound and good sightlines RT: @RunawayJimPVD The Bethel lawn looks gorgeous. Anyone been there? #grab #
    • 11AM Onsales: Merriweather http://www.ticketfly.com/ Alpharetta http://bit.ly/f4ScGW #phish #
    • Open Thread: How Did You Do on Phish Tickets? http://bit.ly/erR3g3 #leaveacomment #phish #
    • Not true. Getting reports of pavs sold through TM today. Probably not many but some RT: @GuyForgetOPT hence only lawns available today #
    • Did anyone score Bethel pavilions through Ticketmaster? #phish #
    • First up is Bethel at 10AM via Ticketmaster. Good luck everybody! We'll have a post up at hiddentrackblog.com to discuss the results #phish #
    • Tickets for Phish's Summer Tour go onsale starting at 10AM ET. Here's a handy list of what goes on sale when http://bit.ly/eVvVTW #

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