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    • We Are Everywhere (via @dogoneblog): This menu features a "Phish is back on tour" Grilled Cheese! http://bit.ly/dTzPyR #phish #
    • DVD Torrent: 12/31/1998 MSG NYE NYC whole show (!!!) http://bit.ly/gVbsJu [registration required but free] #phish #sickysickyjamface #
    • UPDATE: Local officials and Michael Printup talk Watkins Glen @hidden_track rounds up the local press accounts http://bit.ly/gTuNRM #phish #
    • Thanks for the follow fridays @mikestune420 @onlinephishtour @subtle_sounds @EB_jaybird @rowj @ohkeepahblog @phishphan87 @haysdoan #ff #
    • Phish's covers of Ramble On and Foreplay/Long Time duke it out in the Round of 32 for @hidden_track's Cover Wars tourny http://bit.ly/ena0hM #
    • @bizarchive You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Haven't heard that Ya Mar in ages. #
    • @bizarchive I have an unhealthy love for that show (4/29/93) So many highlights throughout. #
    • @bizarchive On the 4/29/93 Ya Mar you can hear Trey stumble onto the Two Princes phrasing. Light went off in his head for the next Ya Mar #
    • @bizarchive It's too bad there isn't a What Time Is It? tease at the 4:30 mark of the Bowie 'cause that would be epic #spinsonme #
    • Interesting concept RT: @JustinBaer1 straight down and dirty blues version of Wolfman's Brother would be sweet #yembconvo #
    • Today on YEMblog: ALL of 12/30/94 (1st MSG show) on vid, New 12/29/94 source, Swamp Music w/ Possum video and more http://yemblog.com #phish #
    • Mike sat in with Galactic last night http://bit.ly/dR4dfF [via @relixmag] and here's last night's @mike_gordon setlist http://bit.ly/e34GJu #
    • Friday Humor: Trey's Facial Expressions http://wp.me/pBdJC-1qQ [via @dogoneblog] #phish #
    • Good call, Tanya RT: @fractalgal Destiny Unbound. Replace awkward jam with lovely harmonics like they did originally #yembconvo #phish #
    • Somebody's excited RT: @theglenprez I can't wait until Monday!!!! Huge….large,,,,, biggest news ever coming from The Glen!!! #
    • I was hoping they would do that at "last" show(s), just blow out Icculus jam RT: @KernelForbin jamming at the end of Icculus #yembconvo #
    • Will give #phish credit for the fun a capella endings to 46 Days and Limb that developed in '10 #yembconvo #
    • Busted! RT: @drewphish And in all fairness to the percussion kit, keep in mind it did play a (albeit) small role n the Albany YEM #justsayin #
    • Or how about the acoustic > electric version ala 10/18/94 or a reggae version? RT: @drewphish Bring back slow, funky-ass Llama! #yembconvo #
    • Can't imagine any fan doesn't want to see that RE: jammed out Halley's @omilbury and @ohkeepahblog #yembconvo #phish #
    • As long as no perc kit #imo RT: @ohkeepahblog Use Free to springboard improv again #yembconvo CC: @dogoneblog #
    • Very Interesting RT: @austinmn Ready to nix the Mule Duel Standard verses could lead into electro-jam section (ala If I Told You), perhaps? #
    • The 6/9/00 Bouncin started to go that way for 20 seconds, but alas… RT: @thebarnpresents An extended, funk Bouncin' #yembconvo #phish #
    • Seconded RT: @KernelForbin Love slowed down extreme funk version of Cavern, played during the Island Tour #yembconvo #
    • Good call RT: @GlobeEricWilbur On the same note as drawn-out Piper, what about the loop to start Ghost? Bring that back. #phish #yembconvo #
    • Hopefully they play it more often and that happens organically RT: @justinacerno Vultures: focus & produce a successful jam #yembconvo #
    • YES! RT: @phletch_lives and @marshbirder old piper with the slow, drawn out intros #phish #yembconvo #
    • I like the sound of that (if they only did it once) RT: @mikvogel ballad version of Suzy Greenberg would melt hearts #phish #yembconvo #
    • ME: I'd like to see Phish freshen up Rift. Think they could do a damn cool "rock version" of the tune #yembconvo #
    • Friday Convo: If you could have #phish "refresh" the arrangement of one original, which 1 would it be and how should they do it? #yembconvo #
    • Yes. Has been acknowledged by official Watkins feed before the Phish craziness RT: @RunawayJimPVD Is that a legit account? #phish #
    • Dear @theglenprez Expect to have a few new Phishy followers this coming week. #
    • Looks like Watkins Glen prez Michael Printup has stopped denying RT: @theglenprez I think I am going phishing this weekend! #phish #
    • @ohkeepahblog I'm a '93 and '94 – compress the hell out of the double tube screamers – type of guy #

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