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    • Internet Bitching Circa 1994: "Phish should retire BBJ" RT: @phanart http://bit.ly/gKgsfu hope SB9 winds up bringing back Big Ball Jam #
    • @cmanc You mean like this one from the minute it happened? http://bit.ly/gQc4XY #
    • That means a lot, Jiggs, thank you! RT @jiggslikesphish: #FF @heyscottyb Alot of work goes into @YEMblog. We appreciate it! #Phish #
    • That's not official @OnlinePhishTour As awesome as it may be, the clip was put together by @SteveTConroy for fun. #unofficial #fanmade #
    • Our pal @SteveTConroy gives a look at what a #superball9 announcement vid may look like http://youtu.be/5P93d6Nfh94 #unofficial #fanmade #
    • RT @typeIIcast: Presenting "Forgotten Friday" 6 tracks we wish we could have included on this week's episode. http://wp.me/pZaCp-45 #phish #
    • FYI, apparently that website I linked to is for Sector 9 skateboards and NOT STS9. Still uses the purported SB9 logo for merch #
    • @friendlybook You're right, apparently it's a skateboard company. Still doesn't seem connected to #phish #
    • @friendlybook It's the band's merch website. There's also a pic of a hat with that logo on sector9.com #
    • @rowj I'm not questioning superball9.com, I'm questioning the twitter feed that was probably set up by a fan #
    • I don't doubt superjam9.com's veracity, I'm just questioning the twitter feed @rowj #
    • Actually @BandsThatJam looks like STS9 uses that exact same logo http://bit.ly/fUzp0V Maybe @superball9 is not band-run #unverified #
    • Nice find! RT @BandsThatJam: #SuperBall9 @SuperBall9 http://twitter.com/superball9 #Phish #WatkinsGlen #
    • Love it! RT @joshkorin: @YEMblog set of all the Bond movie songs of course w/ heavy Bond theme teases in each… #yembconvo #
    • Long: 10/31/96 Short: 10/31/94 RT @LSaxilla: Favorite Simple ever? I cannot get enough of this tune lately. #we #039;vegotaband #
    • I could see it now… RT @bungle094: @YEMblog early morning death metal cover set. #yembconvo #
    • YEM > Boys of Summer > YEM, View to a Kill, Hood, Shout, HYHU > Party All The Time > HYHU, Raspberry Beret, Money For Nothing, Antelope #sb9 #
    • How about a jukebox set commemorating a certain year? Pick 1984 or later and you can include originals. Potential 1985 Set in next tweet #
    • Phish used talkback mics before Umphrey's was formed RT: @cwhirsch Talkback mics? Fans pick songs? C'mon. This isn't Umphrey's. #
    • ::faints:: RT @icculusisgod_: @YEMblog tribute set to the 1973 summer jam festival. Covers of the bands who played #
    • And FYI, Steely Dan did the internet fan voting thing before UM and moe. did #
    • re: requests, would be different than moe. and UM in that social media would be used and any song performed is fair game #yembconvo #
    • Interesting! RT: @lifftwit Live soundtrack to a movie. It's been done before, but not at that scale. #
    • ME: I'd like to see them use social media to let fans select songs for one of the sets. Song w/ most "likes" or RTs gets played #
    • Screw safety! RT @noah_s: a set where they're each on top of cars racing around the track? (all safety harnessed and whatnot of course) #
    • Love the Halloween songs that aren't in the rotation idea @samansk and @neddyo #yembconvo #
    • How about "the white tape!" Would love to see Aftermath RT: @SlayterCreative do the white album again 3.0 style #yembconvo #
    • If Phish was to perform a "special" set at a festival this summer ala the acoustic set at #f8 what would u like to see them do? #yembconvo #
    • The Watkins Glen racetrack Facebook Page has a message for us http://on.fb.me/gFLiDh #phish #sb9 #

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