• lots of great selections “@sidewinder13: Taking note of people's most listened to shows #dlsforarainyday @YEMblog #phish #yemblogconvo” #
  • surprised this wasn't an answer more. “@SmellsLikePhish: @YEMblog NYE 95 probably… a close second might be 6/11/94” #yembconvo #
  • got a few of those know every
    Note shows @Alliedise: because it was SUCH a fun night. Have every damn note of the show memorized: 9.29.00 #
  • probably #2 for me “@jonnymac110: @YEMblog 6/18/94 UIC Pavilion. It was the first phish show I listened to, and was the spark for my phandom #
  • Me: 3-20-1992 All killer no filler and I find new glorious details with each relisten #phish #yembconvo #
  • Friday conversation: what show have you listened to more than any other Phish show? #phish #yembconvo #
  • Thank you! RT @neddyo: #FF PH version: only one that matters, the rest is details; big ups on the PHanniversary of his first show @YEMblog #
  • A scan of the Village Voice ad for the Beacon '94 shows is coming my way. If anyone has any photos from that night, I'd love to c em #phish #
  • 17 years ago my life changed when I saw #phish for the first time http://bit.ly/edz3Ws Read about my experience inc. start of Wilson chant #

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