• @jaycatvt Thanks for sharing some details on that show. Always wondered how Rock Rumble went down. #
  • How were the winners decided? Have you seen #phish since? RT: @jaycatvt Friday sets were 1/2hr per Band. Saturday finalists had 45min each #
  • ' @mike_gordon shares an entry from his journal http://bit.ly/fUuwyf #phish #fawesome #cactus #
  • How long did each band have to play? Was The Front packed? RT @jaycatvt: @YEMblog 'twas a band 'battle'! my band, Sundog placed 2nd. #
  • I want one RT @shapsio: what would 4/21 (22nd anniv. of #phish rock rumble) be without t-shirt (thanks @jaycatvt). http://twitpic.com/4nrr84 #
  • Whoa! RT @PhishTwit: VIDEO: Young Yuto ripping Chalkdust Torture on a Flying V… http://j.mp/fuK6ZY (Jump to 3 minute mark for the goods) #
  • Any #phish Twitter users attend this one? Would love deets (&setlist) RT @shapsio: 4/21 #phish TIPH: the front #btv -rock rumble1 (89), #
  • Have you listened to 8/1/98 recently? RT @tj_harley: @YEMblog any good '98 summer/fall recommendations for afternoon listening pleasure? #
  • @phortin I'd play that Hood for non-Phish fans in college aiming to get them into Phish. A few of those folks have gone on to see 100 shows #
  • ' Sam (@dogoneblog) shares and examines some highlights from #phish #039;s famed West Coast '92 run http://bit.ly/fXB7bu #phish #
  • Nice work! RT @jiggslikesphish: Thanks phans…together we donated $600 to Japan Relief split between Peace Winds and the Red Cross. #
  • Not at all and isn't even a certainty since U2 3D never came out on DVD RT @brendanbroin: @YEMblog Any word on Phish3D dvd? #
  • A longer, more complete video of Oteil sitting in with @mike_gordon on Walls of Time @ Wanee has surfaced http://youtu.be/pD6994Weu4U #
  • Interesting show on this date in #phish history = 4/21/90 http://bit.ly/fnxdsZ Last No Dogs Allowed, How High The Moon, RJim w/ Alt. Verse #
  • Latest episode of @typeIIcast features one of my all-time favorite shows: 6/18/94 http://bit.ly/gPZgPS Panelists @dogoneblog & @fractalgal #

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