• @LSaxilla @youenjoyme @DaveOatHT @originalwyllys Picking between the best Gins is like picking a favorite child. #
  • Up there w/ Teen Spirit 4 worst cover RT @ohkeepahblog: Woodstock cover would be appropriate for Bethel just don't botch the hell out of it #
  • If you've never seen Pete Shapiro's (@RelixMag pub & @brooklynbowl owner) American Road short, here it is http://youtu.be/zGCqdGCltsM #yem #
  • Can't get Sparks out of my head and the brief but cool transition from Sparks -> Walk Away at the World on 8/14/93 #phish #bringitback #
  • rec.music.phish Archives: 12/17/1995 Sam Altman tells fans to see @discobiscuits http://bit.ly/jDfekY "your sister's legs will quiver…" #

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