• @drewphish http://t.co/dpuypiTu Happy Birthday, Drew! This 2nd Mike's Jam Is For You! #
  • Anyone get caught in crazy traffic heading towards Merriweather on 8/8/98? Know folks who missed most of first set. Ouch! #phish #
  • In Case You've Been Missing It: @phishcrit has been analyzing one of the best months in #phish history – August '93. He's on 8/8/93 today #
  • On a timely note – Fifteen Years Ago Today A #phish Show Was Webcast For The First Time http://t.co/DGykG4do #
  • Bassist looking to study Mike's approach? @telekinetica 11/14/97 Slave video focuses on Gordon's fingers for jam http://t.co/EAxaaPWc #
  • "Your experience will be as special as you make it" RT @avivhadar: Expectations, Expectations, Expectations: http://t.co/iogAk1KN #phish #
  • "Your experience will be as special as you make it" RT @avivhadar: Expectations, Expectations, Expectations: http://t.co/O176BUyA #Phish #
  • Funky Cow RT @Heidibgoode: My son is at the fair and he texted to tell me there is a cow named Anastasio. #phish #weareeverywhere #
  • @ellnuh @purplehbw @alexlikesgumbo Eric Larson shot video from FOH for #phish starting Fall '95 but don't think he did so at sheds in reply to ellnuh #
  • RT @Tweeprise: 14 years ago today was the beginning of 2 shows I will never forget #phish http://t.co/tchxytLG #
  • @Ev_dude @ellnuh @alexlikesgumbo They don't :( Not sure what percentage but know some didn't make it to archive in reply to Ev_dude #
  • @ellnuh @alexlikesgumbo Venue staff filmed shows at sheds, unclear if resulting vid made it to org in reply to ellnuh #
  • Soundboard audio circulates, no video exists TMK RT @AlexLikesGumbo: @YEMblog is there a good video/audio of that moment in phish history? #
  • Yes it was! So many highlights that night. I love Trey's Sweet Jane solo RT @kstauffer7: @YEMblog wasn't it also the 1st Sweet Jane? #phish #
  • Had never seen him as expressive as that night when he knew Merriweather would explode the minute he started the Sabotage bass line #phish #
  • Never forget when #phish returned for encore 14 years ago at MPP Mike had shit-eating, huge smile on his face as he launched into Sabotage #
  • 8/8-9/98 was 1 of my favorite 2-night stands ever. Incredible music + hanging w/ lifelong friends + Terrapin = Unforgettable Weekend #phish #

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