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March 1, 2009

Editorial: My Expectations [BeLOW Me My Expectations]

I think in a world gone pretty sour it is time for something really great to happen, and I’m hopeful this band can give us just that. Unfortunately, I won’t be there, but for all of my friends who will be, and for all of the people who started seeing shows in ’99, or later, I’m hopeful they can take everyone back to that higher level.

Phish: Recording Billy Breathes


Comeback: Phish Reunion To Kick Off [AP]

Hotels: Booking Errors Mean Phish Fans Up A Creek [Daily Press]

Over at Savannah Suites on Mercury Boulevard, the front-desk clerk didn’t mind talking about the mess that she’s trying to untangle.

“We have 103 reservations with 23 rooms available,” Melinda Davis said. “What we’re having to do is send people over to Norfolk or Newport News. Some of them we have been able to book into other hotels but not all of them.”

How did this happen? Because Savannah Suites is an extended-stay hotel, it signs long-term contracts with some guests. The flood of reservation requests that hit when Phish announced its reunion plans in October caught the hotel by surprise, Davis said. The hotel double-booked many rooms.

Phish: 07/03/1999 DAUD UNCIRCULATED Atlanta, GA

Comeback: Phish Has Returned But The Scene Has Changed [Burlington Free Press]

“I was the one who didn’t want us to break up. I would say it was more Trey that was calling for the breakup and I was the one saying, ‘Let’s not break up,'” Gordon, Phish’s bass player, said prior to his Dec. 30 solo show at Higher Ground in South Burlington. “Soon after that I was so happy about it — ‘Oh, I can do other stuff I don’t have time for.’ Musically I wasn’t doing much because Phish was there filling that void. It was really great having to do it (break up); it was a great kick in the butt.

“That’s the thing about Phish coming back that felt a little funny to me,” Gordon said, “because I got gung-ho on this career path, and here’s fans getting excited about this band I haven’t thought much about in four years, and I’m like, ‘Oh, you want to talk about that?'”

Phish: 10/20/1998 SBD Sessions at W. 54th

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Phish: 10/29/1998 FOB Los Angeles, CA

Phish: 01/01/2000 David Bowie



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Phish: 10/27/1998 SBD Dave Letterman

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