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June 18, 2009

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Phish w/ Springsteen: Mike, Trey and Page Talk Bonnaroo Sit-in [Billboard]

Phish bassist Mike Gordon says the previous night’s Springsteen show was the first Boss performance he had seen outside a couple of songs at the Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Party last month. He now says he sees why Springsteen is so highly regarded. “It’s great to know that it’s not all hype or anything, there’s such a solid musician and songsmith standing there, and then to be so nice and such a gentleman at the same time,” Gordon says.

“What really blew me away was when we were in the practice room playing one of his songs and he strolled on in,” Gordon continues. “We had planned to practice with him, and he started kind of dancing to one of his songs we were playing. When he walked in, his guitar playing and his singing and his presence, it became clear to me why he became a megastar. Because he instantly brought this sense of melody and just bold statements out of his singing and guitar playing, it was undeniably great. It was a real joy to play with him.”

Previews: Phish Visits Bust Out City Tonight [Hidden Track]

Phish will visit Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, a city with under 2,000 residents, tonight to play a venue – now called Post Gazette Pavilion – that has seen more than its share of bust outs and stellar performances over the years. There seems to be something about those pine trees at the back of the lawn that makes Phish want to deliver something special at this shed.

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