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June 22, 2009

Reviews: Phish Busts Out Rarities @ Alpine [Rolling Stone]

In a fitting Father’s Day tribute that borrowed a joke from a 1992 version where family, friends, and crew members jumped around in a giant bathtub during the performance, the Vermont foursome’s children sat center-stage in a miniature tub for the song’s nonsensical lyric chant, “Somebody’s jumping in the tub with your brother!”

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Reviews: Phish Brings Phrenzied Energy to Alpine [Huffington Post]

But what Phish does better than many bands out there is form a cohesive unit, almost becoming one, playing some of the tightest, hottest music on the touring circuit. Now that they have exorcised whatever demons they had either together or individually that led to their dissolution a few years ago, they truly seem focused on putting out some of the best music they can.

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