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November 5, 2009

Halloween: Phish Halloween(s) Round-up [Of The Week]

Favorite Halloween Album Set:

1. Remain In Light
2. Exile on Main St.
3. Quadrophenia
4. Loaded
5. The White Album

Phish: Exile on Main Street Playlist [VQ: B, AQ: B]

Festival 8: Phish Fest Satisfies One Fan’s Sweet Tooth [SDNN]

Phish: 10/31/2009 Suzy Greenberg [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]


Phish: 11/01/2009 The Curtain With [VQ: A-, AQ: A]



Phish: Festival 8 Audio

FOB Schoeps

FOB Neumann KM140

Festival 8: Evoking the Soul of Rock N Roll [Phish Thoughts]

Phish: 10/31/2009 Torn and Frayed [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]