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December 9, 2009

Fall Tour Stats: The Number Line – The Covers [Hidden Track]

Each day this week we’ll share a new installment of our geekiest column, The Number Line, where we analyze the setlists from Phish’s recently completed Fall Tour. On Monday we examined the Fall Tour one-timers and yesterday we looked at the songs played on the tour by studio album. Today, we’ll look at the covers the quartet performed on the 13-show run.

Charlottesville: Too Hot, Tour’s Cold, Cold Closer [Wading in the Velvet C.]

Songs: Tweezer > Light [Dog Gone Blog]

Today happens to be the anniversary of one of the definitive versions from Mesa, AZ in ‘94. In this version, Trey chanted the words “Let’s say goodbye to Salem”, a message to the crowd that the song’s progress had not halted in Salem, OR on 12.1. Rather, they would continue to push the song to new heights.

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Phish: 12/05/2009 AC/DC Bag [VQ: B-, AQ: B]


Songs: Metaphysical Music – Light [Phish Thoughts]

Phish: 12/09/1997 DAUD College Park, PA

Phish: 11/27/2009 Golden Age [VQ: B, AQ: A]


Lists: 3.0 Top Five So Far + Methodology [PhishNet]

The Obama Era of Phish: This American Phish [HeadCount]

Forget about Phish 3.0. For a long time I reckoned there were only two Phish eras: the Clinton years and the Bush years.

Having seen the band all three nights at Madison Square Garden last week, however, I’m forced to update that notion. Phish has now fully entered their – and our – Obama phase.