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March 9, 2010

Telluride: Complete Account of Today’s Meeting [TelluridePhotography]

“I’ve got to call the band before they hear about [this] on the internet,” said Don Strasburg, Vice President of AEG Live, upon the conclusion of today’s Town Council meeting in which the town of Telluride said “Yes” to Phish’s proposed August 9th and 10th dates in Town Park.

The overall mood was one of expectancy in Rebekah Hall this morning, considering what was riding on the decision at hand. On the agenda today was the question of Phish, and whether the jamband and promoters Craig Ferguson of Planet Bluegrass and Don Strasburg of AEG Live would get the go-ahead to proceed with the proposed August 9th and 10th Town Park concert dates. The Council said “Yes,” after roughly ninety minutes of discussion, and have effectively passed the ball back to Phish, in whose hands now rests the final decision to play in Telluride.

Telluride: Telluride Says Yes – Will Phish? [Hidden Track]

After an extremely long meeting, the Telluride Town Council has approved AEG’s request to hold a pair of Phish concerts in Town Park on August 9th and 10th by a unanimous vote. Now that the town has given the promoters the green light, we move on to the final piece of the puzzle – the band working out a deal with the promoter to actually play the shows.

Jam StylesHow Strange The Change – From Major to Minor [DGB]

The major/minor switch is something the human ear can pick up quite easily. The shift not only changes the sound, but the mood of the music as well.  Major jams evoke feelings of happiness, liveliness and create calm, warm atmospheres.  In contrast, minor jams communicate seriousness, sadness and introspection.

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Probably the best example of it was in Morphing Again. There’s an intricate little warp in the middle of the song that’s supposed to be a call and answer between the drums and percussion while Mike, Tom and I support it, but we never really fell into it totally, and at the end of it there’s supposed to be a cue into this counting thing that takes us to the jam part. Well, we missed the counting thing pretty seriously. We did recover and get there, but by then the door was open and the jam was off the hook.