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April 5, 2010

Remembrances: The Island Tour Revisited [Phish Thoughts]

Twelve years ago today, Phish wound up The Island Tour in Providence, Rhode Island; arguably the greatest four-night run of the late-90’s. Littered with masterful improvisation that expounded on ideas and musical styles hatched during the game-changing tour of Fall ‘97, Phish upped the ante over these nights, crafting eight sets of that bled with powerful, mystical music that stood apart from anything before or after.

Phish: 12/09/1995 DAUD UNCIRCULATED Albany, NY

Phish: 11/29/1997 The Wedge [VQ: B-, AQ: B]


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Phish: 06/09/1994 SBD Salt Lake City, UT

Phish: 11/14/1994 DAUD UNCIRCULATED Grand Rapids, MI

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Phish: 11/29/1997 Simple [VQ: B-, AQ: B]


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