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August 6, 2010

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Lists: The B List – 10 Best Phish Tour Openers [Hidden Track]

4. December 28, 1993 @ Bender Arena, Washington DC

Phish had been off the road since August when they returned to the stage in our nation’s capital to kick off New Year’s Run ‘93. While they weren’t performing live the band members had spent the months in Los Angeles recording Hoist, so they weren’t exactly rusty. Lots of rumors swirled before the show that Phish would pay tribute to Frank Zappa – who died a few weeks prior on December 4 – and fans didn’t have to wait long as the band opened with the first Peaches En Regalia in over four years. Every song at this gig was well-played with the Hood, YEM and Split jams sticking out as highlights.

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