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September 2, 2011

Podcasts: Episode 31 – Tahoe and Outside Lands [Type II Cast]

Always something new on type II, this week we find just myself hosting with 2 guests from Phish.netBrian Feller and Charlie Dirksen. Both were in attendance at Tahoe, and Charlie made the trip to Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands. I was on official couchtour for Tahoe, and then the ole “guy with iPhone who eats food and shows you his friends” couchtour for OL. Recognizing that we are late to the game with our review, and that most people understand nothing “epic” went down, we had to choose our clips carefully. 9 made the final cut, which is a mix of short solo’s, some questionable vocals, and straight type II hose. Beyond the clips and analysis, Brian and Charlie both shared some thoughts on the venues and what kind of jams and songs they love and hate.

Phish: 08/16/2011 Twist [VQ: A, AQ: A+]


Gratitude: Blurring The Rail – Phish, Us, Hosing & Everyone Else [OPT]

The reason Phish is special is because they blur the line between the fans at the concert and the ‘famous’ people at the concert.  We are not there so we can have the story of seeing our favorite performer play our favorite song in front of us.  We are not seen as a nuisance to the people on stage, simply going through the motions of a concert until the pre-determined setlist is over.  We are not a separate entity from the band, divided by a rail.  Phish blurs the that rail, they blur the line between the fans and the performers.

Phish: 08/08/2011 Back On The Train [VQ: B, AQ: B, CK5!]


Columns: Video of the Week – 12/18/1999 Chicken Shack, Dog Log [Phish.net]

Phish: 06/11/2000 DAUD New Source Tokyo, JPN

Previews: End of the Road [Phish Thoughts]

Interviews: KBCO Morning Show Podcast – Mike Gordon [KBCO.com]

  • Podcast: @cdirksen, @brianfeller & @UNOlker talk #phish at Tahoe and Outside Lands for latest @typeIIcast episode http://t.co/2kVkMTJ #
  • DJing in the Scents and Subtle Sounds room. Now playing Lemonwheel Tweezer #phish #turntablefm http://t.co/Ppxha8m #
  • Following talk of fans wanting '94 sound, @mike_gordon said "when it's good, it's better than ever" in reference to recent shows #phish #
  • Well that lasted about two minutes. @mike_gordon discussed VT flooding situation, told fans to expect unexpected & said tickets still avail #
  • '@mike_gordon "there's always the fans who want us to sound like we did in '94" KBCO.com #phish #beatingdeadhorse #
  • RIGHT NOW: #phish bassist calling in from Vermont to kbco.com #
  • 10 MINUTES FROM NOW (Approx. 9:45AM ET): KBCO.COM @mike_gordon from #phish will be on the air for an interview #phish #
  • Not sure what time, but @mike_gordon will be a guest on KBCO.com AM program today. [via @bretontheradio h/t @fractalgal] #phish #