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September 15, 2011

Essex: Phish Returns to Green Mountain State [Hidden Track]

[Photo by Parker Harrington]

In an extraordinarily low-key pre-show parking lot scene that was more akin to a family picnic than a rock show or typical Phish event, warm embraces and friendly conversation prevailed. Seemingly, most of the 8,000 tickets sold in Vermont stayed with Green Mountain Staters. The fairgrounds certainly felt like the local hometown show that it was. At the sole entrance to the venue, security and ticket takers greeted many of the incoming attendees by name. Regardless if they knew you or not, they were certainly more intent on welcoming you, smiling at you, and treating you to true Yankee hospitality than they were to bother with checking anything other than your ticket.

Essex: Tales From A Reluctant Phishhead [Seven Days]

Well, guess what? It was a lot of fun.

(Before we move on, if I could chat privately with the hardcore Fi-hadist nitwits for a second. Dudes, what follows will be a mostly positive review of my experience at the show last night. However, I’m a music critic. I don’t believe anyone, even a sacred sea cow, is above criticism. I’m gonna write a few things you probably won’t agree with or like. So let me save you some time and trouble:

– Yes, this is the worst piece of journalism in history. And I am the worst journalist ever.

– You’re right, I probably should be/will be/have been fired for this.

– It’s true. I am so jealous that your band is bigger than my li’l hipster indie bands. By the way, have you heard the new Vampire Grizzly Beach album? Really skinnies up my jeans.)

NO Drug Arrests: Police Say The Phish Crowd Was Easy to Manage [Burlington Free Press]

“It ran extremely well,” said Brad LaRose, acting chief of the Essex Police Department. “I was very pleased and very appreciative for the cooperation of the crowd. They were very pleasant to deal with. I’ve been in the business for 33 years, and I can’t ever remember dealing with a crowd of that size that was so pleasant to deal with.”

Local Coverage: Various Videos About Phish @ CVE [WCAX]

Essex: Wake of the Flood Returns to Vermont [Coventry]

Phish is a tremendous source of inspiration. The friends that I met through the band give me hope for humanity. Trey is a personal hero because I also struggle with some of the same (pharmaceutical) demons that he dealt with over the last decade or so. It’s not easy being Trey, and it’s even a thousand times tougher to walk the line of sobriety while feeding the creative beast within you and trying to entertain and show everyone a good time without being redundant. Despite the deviant obstacles, Trey and the rest of the band continue to share their collaborative musical talents with whomever is bold and crazy enough to follow them along for the ride. Phish was born in Vermont in the mid-80s when a bunch of geeky college students decided to form a band. It took 240 attempts, but I’m fortunate that I got to finally see a good show near their birthplace.

Coventry’s demons have finally been exorcised.

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Vermont Flood Relief: How To Get Involved [Hidden Track]

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Overall, this evening’s concert was a huge success and raised plenty of money for relief efforts. Musically, this was more in line with Outside Lands than Chicago or Denver.

Phish: 09/14/2011 Various Pro-Shot Footage From WPTZ


Editorial: Lazy Writers Beware – Phish Fans Attack [On The Phish Beat]

When scribes from the outside world – bloggers, journalists, etc. – write terribly inaccurate pieces about our beloved band, we react swiftly and in droves, like a swarm of angry bees or a pack of hungry lions.

Phish: 09/14/2011 LivePhish SBD Essex, VT

Essex: Phish Jams For Flood Relief in Vermont [Burlington Free Press]

Mike Gordon, the bassist, took the stage to great cheers at about 7:15. With few words, he acknowledged the magnitude of the moment — Phish, which formed in this state in 1983, home for a concert to help a state and people in need.

Phish: 09/14/2011 FOB Essex, VT

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Influence’d: How Bon Iver Get Megafaun Into Phish [Jambands.com]

Actually, the first time I heard Phish was at Justin’s house in high school. He played Hoist for me. He liked them but he never actually went to a show with us. Before that I was listening to Nirvana, and I had a Germs record. I was either going to go the jazz route or the punk route, and the punk thing didn’t work out for me. After Justin played me Hoist, I bought it and I just couldn’t stop listening to it.

Venues: Vermont’s Jamband Incubator Takes Note [Burlington Free-Press]

“When Nectar left the place, he didn’t realize how much history was here,” Walsh says. “There are old calendars in the basement with Phish dates scribbled in, and handwritten notes from Trey to Nectar.” Trey Anastasio is Phish’s guitarist and frontman.

Despite being a must-see site for any Phish fan, Nectar’s isn’t full of memorabilia, and doesn’t sell Phish merchandise. “People come in and ask where all the Phish stuff is — I tell them, ‘you’re standing in it!’” Walsh said.

Essex: Phish Plays Flood Benefit in Vermont [Associated Press]